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Check back, RIGHT HERE- Or on our FB/Twit for the digs that you WON'T WANT TO MISS!!​

The RawkShop will be making its comback THIS MONTH!  ProRawk Merch is coming soon to our site!  Get your fix of Punk Rock Goodness and Goodies RIGHT HERE!

8/20 - Chicago based Punk Rawkers Dissed Ability have entered the studio!!  New EP out in early 2020!  Give em a like on their FB page!  

JULY 2019 NEWS - 

ProRawk NOW has STICKERS!  Hit us up if you want to support your favorite 'Band Friendly' Label in the form of some cool STICKAGE!!

Hit us at ProRawk@gmail.com or on our Social Media pages

The ProRawk Website is FINALLY back UP!  It's still seeing some constructive doings, but set your bookmarks now!  ProRawk.com is good to go!


WE NOW HAVE TWITTER!  Tweet Us and please give us a Follow! www.Twitter.com/ProRawkRecords


ProRawk Records would like to welcome Ronnie P to the RawkTeam!!  East Coast Punkers, feel free to schmooze up to the VP BOSS MAN and get his punkass out to your shows for petesSake!!



Unfortunatley, we had to take down our FB page and start from scratch!  PLS visit us on the FB and give us a LIKE!  Send your friends too!  Great things coming in 2019/2020 you WON't Want to Miss!!



After going thru the ringer, ProRawk Records are BACK in action!!   Lots of cool projects on the table to finish up, with a bunch of new stuff in view!  Stay tuned for all the details homies and homettes!!

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